well after 10 years fighting the child tax credit office and my ex wife ,i have won got the letter this week and the payments have started.if
you have shared care for your children you will be told its up to you to sorted out yourselves,but you know that’s never going to happen.you will be told the tax credits cant be split but it can its in the tax credit act,one parent can claim for one child the other gets it for the other one.you will be told you need to have the child benefit ,not true! but it helps.when you get to a tribunal if you win the other party will appeal if you don’t win you will appeal.it will go one for years. in the end i was told i made more money than she did so i couldn’t have it.but after loosing my job i reapplied it took almost two years for them to sort it but i won.i had less money and her boyfriend moved in with her.what I’m trying to say don’t give up if your dong the best for your kids you will win in the end .the best thing you both can do is talk and try to sort it out for the kids with out going to court.If you are fighting to do the right thing for your kids please contact me if you need help or pointing in the right direction