[slideshow]Fern Britton started and took part in The Chilterns Cycle Challenge IT started  at Kingsbury Square, Aylesbury for the  Iain Rennie Hospice at home,I have taken photos of fern at events for almost 14 years now and have to say she is the nicest person you could want to meet ,she has time to say hello to everyone.I have asked Fern to do all kinds of things  for photos in the past have taken her photo wearing a crown,looking like she is driving a bus,with kids,turning on christmas lights doing fund raisers for schools and on stage  and she has never said no to me,today wasnt any different (i did think she would say no this time )we had  her doing tricks on a bmx bike .When we were done  fern went on to get everyone up and doing a warm up before the bike ride .If you’re looking for a charity to support how about   Iain Rennie Hospice they offer care at home for people  with cancer and other life threatening illnesses it was a great day out  i really hope they raise loads of money for the charity if you want to see all the photos have a look at celebrityphotosuk.com or you can jump to my archives at http://celebrityphotosuk.photoshelter.com/