Richard Fox Cook Book
Versatile chef Richard Fox has picked up his pen to good effect, by writing a highly original cookbook. The market is littered with cookbooks but Richard has added more than a touch of fresh thinking and just in time for Christmas! Most of Richards’ recipes are achieved with subtle use of beer and so it is not surprising that Richards literary offering is called ‘The Food and Beer Cookbook’.
The chefs’ principal aim, it seems, is to help remove the fear factor from the kitchen, those occasions when we find ourselves under pressure on the time front, having promised to do much for friends. The dinner party is one of those occasions that Richard writes about perceptively. He proposes a series of outstanding and very practical dishes to make each and every social occasion go down well. Some of Richards’ recipes are more complicated than others and it is common sense to cook within one’s own comfort zone because, sadly, unlike Richard, everyone is not an expert.
I was, in particular, drawn to Richards’ very practical suggestion of prawn cocktail for starters with an accompanying pork terrine, a simple dish which can be served with salad, if desired.
The author writes that prawn cocktail is making a big come back at dinner parties and is definitely something which fits into what he calls “the Fondue-type, retro-cool category”. Richard writes: “But what takes this out of the Mateus Rose lamp holder era is the substitution of cucumber and avocado salad for the iceberg, and using fresh tiger prawns instead of little glazed frozen things”.
Classic pork terrine is quite simply packed with flavour. It makes a perfect rustic opener to any dinner party or picnic lunch. Ingredients include 750g streaky bacon, 500g minced pork, 250g minced veal, 250g minced calves liver, 1 onion, two cloves of garlic, chopped parsley, chopped thyme, melted butter, salt and pepper.
This is a wonderful book for an accomplished cook or a novice. Richard uses the pen with panache and his passion for the subject prevails throughout the books 108 splendidly illustrated pages. This book is a more than worthy stocking filler for the festive season.
The Food and Beer Cookbook with Richard Fox is published by Senate in Rickmansworth at £12.99. ISBN: 1-901268-16-0

Martyn Pritchard