[slideshow]it was a very early start today i went to the horse racing at cheltenham for the gold cup day,when we got there we had a tip off that Katie price was on here way there in a helicopter, so we grabed our cameras and left most of out gear in the press room and went to heliport .We were told Katie would be there in a hour ,there was about 30 photographers there didn’t know any of them anyway there were helicopters landing everywhere with no one i know getting out of them.This went on for a hour then at last someone turned up Alex Ferguson myself and SAM got a few shots then the view was blocked by a few fans.i had a look to see if any of the other snappers got him,but no one was taking his pic it was like a big bolt of lighting hitting me they were helicopter spotters,taking pics of them all landing and writing there numbers down!i could think of a few better ways to spend my day ,we waited another 40 minutes and decided to go to a photo call with Lilly Allen and started walking,then we saw one last helicopter coming into land,we ran back and it was Katie price and here new boyfriend we took loads of photos the ran back to the photographers room to get the photos out ,i missed Lilly Allen to cut a very long story short i went out to see if there was anyone in the royal box and found Katie price there (god knows how she got in there)took loads of photos ran to the press room and wired them out.
the photographers room is where we can work eat drink and just chill out if we want ,you can even leave all you computers,spare cameras and anything you want in there because its always safe ,unfortunately that wasn’t the case today as a thieving scumbag turd stole my mono pod,so my question to the thieving scum bag turd is in a room with over £50,000 of camera and computer kit just left in there why steal a £45 mono pod ,guess that makes you a stupid thieving scumbag turd if you would like to see more of the photos go to http://celebrityphotosuk.photoshelter.com/