big brother

rachael white the first evictee from the BIG BROTHER HOUSE why is it that its the nice sane person out of the house and all the freeks and nuttersare the last out.well i think its the people voteing at home are total nut jobs and need to get a life 18/06/2010

USA V Slovenia 2-2

the usa were robbed today by a blind referee with a whistle stuck in his mouth,if you ask me some one should bend him over and stick his whistle where it some of you know im not a big football fan but all i can say is come on Algeria

england v usa 1-1

in a interview after the match england goal keeper rob green said”I’m sure there’s 50-odd million people disappointed with me, but I’ll come back, work hard and it won’t affect me,” dont worry rob there are 75 million americans that...